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When you are looking for a lawyer for your family or civil case, you need someone who will listen. Attorney Randy Flow has the patience to listen to you and your circumstances, and the attention to detail it takes to develop your strongest case.

The residents of Fulton, Missouri have their own unique blend of legal issues. From his office just steps from the Callaway County Circuit Courthouse, Attorney Randy Flow takes care of all his neighbors' legal needs. The Flow family has deep ties to Fulton, going back generations on his wife's side. With such a strong connection to central Missouri, you can rest assured Randy understands the issues important for you.


Randy Flow started his professional career as a pharmacist. He has a pharmacy degree from Southwestern Oklahoma State University, which he received in 1994. In fact, he owned two pharmacies in Columbia, Missouri, as well as a home health care company called Option Care. His time spent helping customers with their medical needs taught him a level of compassion and attention to detail that others simply do not have. When you sit down to a free initial consultation with Randy Flow, you know he'll be listening to every detail, so he can diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

After many years as a pharmacist and pharmacy owner, Randy Flow chose to start a second career, but he needed three more years of college to do that. He went back to the University of Missouri School of Law just as nervous as all of the other first year students, but years older. Flow worked for a law firm in Columbia during his second and third year of law school, and he continued working there for about a year and a half after receiving his Juris Doctorate. With 3 and a half years' learning from some very good attorneys, Flow opened his own practice, practicing out of Fayette and Columbia. Flow already had a successful career as a pharmacist and business owner, but he was drawn to the law and the legal process after observing a three day jury trial in Columbia.

"At this point in my life, law is a passion, not a job." – Randy Flow

Personal Representation

As a lawyer, Randy Flow knows how important personal attention can be. When you hire the Flow Law Office, you can be sure Randy will be directly involved in your case, and available to answer questions whenever they arise. He is selective in the cases he takes on, so you get the attention you need from Complaint to Judgment. He meets with clients on evenings and weekends when needed.

Randy's passion is for family law. He has more than 7 years' experience helping clients face divorce and paternity issues with respect and dignity. He understands the strain family issues can put on a persons mind and body. He stands beside his clients every step of the way to provide them the legal advice and support they need.

Attention to Detail

Flow's attention to detail is also a crucial asset when it is time to file a civil lawsuit. Whether it's an auto accident or a real estate dispute, you know that he will review all the facts. Attorney Randy Flow will investigate every aspect of your claim so you know the strength of your case going in.

When you are looking for a lawyer, you want someone compassionate and patient, who pays close attention to the details in your case. Attorney Randy Flow of the Flow Law Office in Fulton, Missouri will be there for you whenever you are ready. Contact the Flow Law Office today to schedule a free consultation and get started with the rest of your life.