Family Law Attorney Serving Callaway and Surrounding Counties

Why Choose Flow Law Office

You have a lot to consider when you are choosing a law firm to handle your family law issue or civil lawsuit case. You need to know you have a skilled lawyer at your side who will help you every step of the way. Your case deserves careful attention by a local attorney who knows the area, and how the courts work.

Local Fulton, Missouri Attorney

Small-town shouldn't mean small service. The residents of Fulton, Missouri often face the same tough legal issues that happen in St. Louis or other larger cities. You shouldn't have to drive to the big city to get high-quality legal representation. The Flow Law Office is located in the heart of Fulton, Missouri, where Flow lives with his wife Penny Fennel Flow. His office is just steps from the Callaway County Courthouse. Attorney Randy Flow is closely connected with the city of Fulton, and has spent most of his life in Columbia and Fulton. When big law problems come to town, you know the Flow Law Office will be there to help.

Patience and Compassion

The Flow Law Office prides itself on the patient, compassionate representation it provides to its clients. Attorney Randy Flow started his professional career as a pharmacist, and has owned a home health care facility. These experiences taught him how to treat clients with patience and respect. Flow carries that same compassion into his work as a lawyer. If you retain the Flow Law Office, you can rest assured that Randy will take the time to listen to your circumstances and fully understand your needs.

A Passion for Family Law

A divorce or custody battle can literally change your life, affecting everything from your home to your time with your children. Attorney Randy Flow has a passion for family law. He has made it his focus for more than 7 years, handling everything from a straightforward divorce to complicated custody battles. He wants to help you protect your family and your livelihood, and make sure you are on solid ground moving forward.

Careful Representation of Legal Problems

Attorney Randy Flow's training also makes him particularly aware of details that could affect your case down the road. His attention to detail allows Flow Law Office to investigate and shore up any weaknesses in your claim before it goes to trial. Whether you are facing a challenging paternity question or a complicated civil lawsuit, your case will benefit from careful review by Attorney Randy Flow.

Small Firm, Personal Touch

At the Flow Law Office, you will never feel like you are just another file. Attorney Randy Flow is selective in the cases he takes on. That means that every one of his clients receives his personal time and attention. You don't have to worry about who will be handling your hearing or writing your legal pleadings. You know that everything is under Randy's careful eye.

Meet with a Flow Law Office Lawyer

When you are choosing a lawyer for your legal issue, you need someone you can understand and trust. The Flow Law Office offers free initial consultations so you can get to know Attorney Randy Flow and get an honest assessment of your case. Flow will explain the process and help you know what to expect. Whether you are facing a divorce or civil lawsuit, contact the Flow Law Office today to schedule a free consultation.